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Santorini Seafood, How To Pronounce Oia, & Other Great FYIs About Our Favorite Island

Santorini Questions And AnswersJackie, a reader of the blog recently contacted me with some questions for her upcoming trip to Santorini. I love it when people email me about Santorini, so feel free to do so here if you have any questions for your trip. Her questions were so good that I decided to publish them on the blog to share. I’m sure many other people are asking these same questions. I’ve included all of Jackie’s questions below (rephrased for clarity) as well as my answers. This Q&A covers everything from Fira-Oia transport to finding the best seafood in Santorini. Enjoy!

1. What’s The Best Way To Get From Fira To Oia?

You can take a bus from Fira to Oia for about 2.50 euro. It’s not exactly the nicest way to travel but it’s comfortable and air conditioned. It takes about 30 minutes to drive there. You can also rent a car. If you’re a good driver and you like driving, I would recommend that option. But if you’re on a budget, the bus is great. You can also take a taxi from the Taxi Stand in central Fira. Ask the taxi driver “How much to Oia?” before you get in. It should be about 20-25 euro. All of the taxi rates are regulated on the island, so ask a few taxi drivers or ask a local and they’ll tell you the price. No need to tip taxi drivers.

2. Can You Take A Boat From Fira To Oia?

The problem with taking a boat from Fira to Oia is you have to go *down* lots of stairs in Fira to get to the port and then you have to go *up* lots of stairs to get to Oia.

By the way, Oia is pronounced “ee-a” — I always like to tell people that because most people pronounce it wrong. Watch this quick youtube video to hear it…

How To Pronounce “Oia” Correctly

3. Is Seafood Expensive In Santorini?

Seafood is delicious in Santorini. But the prices can vary. It’s a touristic place so the prices can be “high” but that’s also relative to where you’re coming from. I honestly think the prices are reasonable considering you’re on one of the “Top 10” islands in the world. 🙂 If you like seafood, I would recommend eating in Ammoudi Bay which is a nice seaport village with wonderful seafood restaurants. It’s located just near Oia so a perfect way to end the day in Oia is taking a taxi down to Ammoudi Bay. You can walk too but it’s LOTS of steps so bring your walking shoes.

4. Can You Recommend A Santorini Restaurant For My Birthday?

If you love seafood, Ammoudi bay is great. If you want to watch the sunset and spend a lot of money, have dinner in Oia. Personally if it were my birthday, I would have dinner at Seaside Restaurant. The only problem is it sounds like you’ll be more on the Fira/Oia side of the island AND you’re going in April. Usually in April the south end of the island is not open yet, so Ammoudi Bay is probably your best bet. I usually like to eat at the “first” or “second” restaurant in Ammoudi. You’ll understand what I mean when you get there.

One more great option for your birthday dinner would be this restaurant, MetaxiMas. It’s something truly special. Call them for reservations or have your hotel concierge call them.

Thanks for the great questions, Jackie.

What about YOU… Do you have any questions about Santorini? Send me an email and I’ll get back to you with some answers. Who knows… maybe I’ll feature your questions here on the blog.

Happy travels!

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  • marie August 27, 2015, 1:52 am

    Hi, We will be staying in Imerovigli for 2 1/2 full day, my iterinary wil be go to Oia on our first day afternoon til dinner, then rent ATV on 2nd day to go around the island to see kamari and perissa beach, and maybe black/red beach. then on our 3rd day hike from hotel to fira and explore fira.

    questionS: 1. I’m considering jumping off amoudi bay cliff, is it safe for semi swimmer to do this?
    2. does my itinerary doable?


  • Jason August 27, 2015, 2:33 am

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the great question! This is a beautiful time of year to visit Santorini.

    Your itinerary sounds great. Personally, I think the ATV is a lot of fun as a transportation option. Just keep in mind that it can be a very slow way to get around. And be sure to be safe! The locals know the island with their eyes closed, and they tend to drive that way too!

    As for jumping off the cliffs at Ammoudi Bay, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I can’t really picture a place at Ammoudi where it would make sense to do that. But if in doubt, ask a local diving shop for tips on good locations for that kind of adventure.

    Hope that helps!