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Santorini Internet Cafes

Would you like to know where to find an Internet Cafe in Santorini? Well, you are in the right place.  Like you, I know the importance of finding wireless Internet locations (Wi-Fi) while traveling.  Personally, I travel with my laptop and iTouch, so I tend to prefer locations where I can hop online quickly and easily from my personal notebook computer…

In Santorini, you will find the most accessible web cafes in Fira – the main city in Santorini and the capital of the island.

One of my favorites in Fira is “Lava Internet Cafe.”  At Lava, you can either use one of their available PCs, rent a laptop from the cafe, or bring your own computer and get online for free.  Of course, you will have to buy a drink or a meal to take a seat in their cafe.  For a cheap solution, just grab a small coffee or cola for about 3 euros.  I can also recommend the Frappes at Lava.  Quite tasty.

Another Internet Cafe in Fira, Santorini is “The Pure.”  With a sexy, modern design “The Pure” is a cool place to hang out with smoking and non-smoking sections for your online surfing pleasure.  You can also grab a cheap drink or a small meal at “The Pure” while you hammer away on your laptop.  I’m not sure if cafe laptops are available here.

If you happen to be walking through or staying in Perissa, I can recommend “Aqua” for reliable Internet and a very relaxing setting.  Personal laptop required.

In Perivolos, web connections are also available at “Sea View Bar & Restaurant” free for customers.  The bartenders are very friendly at “Sea View.”  Also, check these guys out for live music on Friday nights and karaoke on Saturdays.  Again, you’ll need your own computer.

Many hotels also offer wireless access for their guests, and you may be able to squeeze in some surfing at their bars & restaurants as well.

Just be sure not to spend too much time surfing online – don’t forget to enjoy your Santorini trip!

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