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Santorini Hotels

Santorini hotels offer some of the most unique lodging experiences in all of Greece. One thing you will NOT find in Santorini is massive chain-hotel buildings dominating the sky line. And that’s a good thing for sure!

Thanks to strict building guidelines, all hotels on the island have height and size limits to maintain that quintessential Greek feeling and to prevent the influx of corporate hotel names from invading on your Santorini experience.

Where to Stay

Choosing a hotel in Santorini comes down to one essential decision — great beaches or great views. If you want great views, you’ll want to book a room in Oia or Fira on the northern end of the island. But if you want quick access to the spectacular black sand beaches, you’ll want to make your booking for areas like Perissa, Perivolos, or Kamari.

My Recommendation

I always stay at Smaragdi Hotel when I visit Santorini because it’s simply unbeatable. The Smaragdi location is ideal for direct access to two of the best beaches in all of Santorini — Perissa Beach and Perivolos Beach. Read my Smaragdi Hotel Review to find out more about this great hotel!

Great Views v. Great Beaches

I recommend staying on the southern end of the island because you get the best of both worlds — great beaches AND great views. I’m sure you’ve already encountered tons of hotel reviews and other Santorini travel information across the web. When most people talk about Santorini, they point to some of the more popular tourist hot spots like the great views in Oia or the bustling commercial activity in Fira.

Oia and Fira are both great places, but as we like to say for both — “Nice place to visit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to stay there…”

If you choose a hotel in Oia or Fira, you can expect to pay a lot more money for a lot less. In my humble opinion, these places are best accessed by car rental. Driving to Fira from Perissa, for example, takes only about 15 minutes by car. Add on another 15 or 20 minutes more to get to Oia.

Let me say this just once so you won’t be surprised when you get to Santorini… there are NO beaches in Oia and Fira. For the best hotel in Perissa, check out my Smaragdi Hotel Review now.

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