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Perivolos Beach — The Best in Santorini

Perivolos Beach, SantoriniMy favorite beach in Santorini is Perivolos – located on the southern end of the island between Perissa Beach and Georgios Beach. The rough translation of Perivolos is “small vegetable garden,” a reference to the former identity of this now popular tourist destination. While this part of Santorini was once famous for its agriculture, today it attracts thousands of visitors every year. And for good reason! Read on and you’ll find out why I am so fond of this sunny Santorini beach spot…

Perivolos is the best beach in Santorini because it’s quiet and low-key compared with some of the more over-populated tourist zones. Kamari Beach and Perissa Beach are generally more well known as party spots than Perivolos. But don’t get me wrong – Perivolos is a thriving area with many bars, hotels, restaurants, and shops available for everyone.

As a native Californian, when I think about a “nice beach” many things always come to mind — warm sand, comfortable places to lie out in the sun, easy access to the water, and a serene atmosphere. Many Californian beaches are incredibly busy with surfers, sun-bathers, fishers, and all the rest that comes along with great oceanfront property. I do love California coastlines, but the overwhelming numbers of people can be a bit much at times.

Perivolos offers many of the typical expectations of a “nice beach” without all the fuss. Granted, there are some parts of the beach that are typically more crowded and overdeveloped than others. But if you take your time to explore, I’m sure – like me – you’ll find what you’re really looking for.

Perhaps the biggest reason for my love of Perivolos is its close proximity to my favorite Santorini Hotel, Smaragdi. When I stay at Smaragdi Hotel, I can take a casual stroll out the hotel gate and be on the sandy beach of Perivolos in just a few minutes. As they say, the most important factor for considering a hotel is location, location, location.

There are several great options for enjoying your day at Perivolos. I usually opt for one of the umbrellas with sun chairs to relax, read, take in the sun, and enjoy the cool waters just a few steps away. Most of the sun chairs are available from the vendors, hotels, and bars located along Perivolos Beach. Generally, you can expect to pay 7 euros to rent two chairs with one umbrella. Alternatively, some bars offer free chairs and umbrellas if you purchase food and drinks from their beach-side waiters and serving staff. Depending on how long you plan to stay at the beach, you might consider your options. 7 euros could be a lot less than you might spend on drinks and food in several hours, though beachfront service is sometimes a very nice luxury.

While you’re at Perivolos Beach, you might also consider some of the Perivolos boat rental and Perivolos jet ski rental offers available there. I always avail myself of at least one boat or jet ski adventure on my Santorini travel excursions.

Just near Smaragdi Hotel on Perivolos Beach lies a small Santorini boat rental and jet ski rental shop right on the water. Mention my website and these guys will give you a friendly discount. Enjoy Perivolos!

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