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How to Pack for Santorini

Wondering what to take on your trip to Santorini, Greece?  If I could offer just one crucial tip, I would strongly suggest that you avoid having to buy sunblock in Santorini.  This is an absolute must on any packing list…

Everyone’s travel needs are different.  Personally, I like to pack light.  I also prefer to buy a lot of items at my final destination to avoid carrying too much.  Of course, this philosophy works best if you’re planning to stay one week or longer.  Short-term travelers may need to carry all their essential goods along.  But if you’re coming to Santorini for less than one week, I can’t imagine why.  😉

So here’s my packing list for Santorini trips:

shorts x2
t-shirts x3
nice shirt x1
swimsuit x2

good book
camel backpack

laptop + power
flip cam
wall charger

Remember: this is just a general list of the stuff I pack. Keep in mind that I purchase handwash powder once I arrive and wash my clothing in my hotel room sink.  This is a great way to keep your bag nice and light!

Also note that I bring two backpacks – one main pack for all of my things and one smaller Camelback backpack to carry-on my laptop and to use for general going around the island.

The laptop is totally optional but quite essential for me.  Just remember to be very disciplined when you travel with any electronics.  Don’t miss the scenery staring at your computer screen.

Here are the items I don’t necessarily pack because they’re already on my person:

jeans or slacks
comfort/walking shoes

Now here are the items I buy once I arrive in Santorini at one of the many well-stocked supermarkets and mini-marts:

hair goo
hand soap
body wash
body lotion
shave cream

These items don’t take up too much space in a bag, but I find packing every last thing very annoying.  I like to travel light and find it a bit senseless to purchase “travel size” soap, shampoo, etc.  You normally get more for your money by simply waiting until you arrive and shopping for these products as you would back home.  Again, this is simply MY preference.  Do as you wish.

The most important thing in packing for your Santorini travel experience is to plan for your personal comfort without going overboard. If you’ve never tried the “pack light and buy it there” approach, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

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