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Theros Wave Bar – Secret Beach Bar

Santorini Theros Wave Bar PicThere are few secrets remaining on the popular Santorini island, and those secrets that do remain are often well hidden beyond mainstream guidebooks and local magazines…

Be sure to check out my short video at the end of this post.

One of my favorite secrets in Santorini is the somewhat secluded “Theros Wave Bar” – also known as the infamous Vlyhada Beach Bar. Aside from the beach bar, Vlyhada is a fairly quiet harbor or port area in Santorini – located near the southernmost point on the island.

Finding the Theros Wave Beach Bar can be a bit tricky the first-time around. Making it all the way to the semi-secret destination can prove a greater challenge without the proper wheels.

My first journey to Theros came about on an unexpected tip from some British travelers I met over Mythos beers one night at my favorite Santorini hotel. My new English friends were already quite familiar with the island – having traveled to Santorini for nearly a decade. Their enthusiasm for Theros piqued my interest, and I am always up for an adventure. Needless to say, I made my way to Theros Bar the next day. My friends explained how to get there several times. Despite their best efforts at providing clear instructions, I was immediately lost…

Santorini Theros Wave Bar PicThe only way to find Theros is to look for the rather inconspicuous sign located along the main road running through Emporio – one of the main villages in south Santorini. Let’s just say this sign is not exactly a beacon in the night.

Fortunately, I was riding on my Santorini rent a scooter that day — getting lost turned out to be a bit more fun than rambling around in a car. That said, my scooter also turned out to be a bit of an obstacle.

The road to the Wave Bar is only paved for the first small portion before suddenly transforming into a seemingly impossible gravely, dirt road. I quickly discovered that my motor bike might not be so ideal for traversing this type of terrain. For those of you planning a journey to Theros, I highly recommend either a proper car or an ATV for traveling the rocky road. I nearly spilled off my scooter at least three times along the way.

Still, the road to Theros Bar is quite an experience to behold. It may impart a feeling that you’re headed nowhere rather slowly. With basically zero buildings or landmarks along the way, aside from a few random outposts, you’re very likely to feel lost for most of the way.

Santorini Beach Bar Wave Bar Near Vlychada Beach and Port

Once you arrive at the Wave Bar, I can guarantee two things – first, you’re going to be happy to see signs of life again and, second, you will be very glad I sent you.

One final note – don’t think the name is just some cheap gimmick. Be sure to bring along your bathing suit, towel, and Santorini sunblock. There are many places to enjoy the sun and lounge around on sun chairs. Of course, you can always just sip a frappe and hang out in the main upstairs bar area.

If you enjoy it as much as I do, I guarantee you’ll be back again on your next Santorini travel experience.

Photo Credits: R. & A. Jenner (c) 2010

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  • John W September 9, 2009, 11:57 am

    Great blog post! I love the Wave Bar in Santorini. My wife and I discovered it on our last trip. You’re definitely right about the road situation but it’s such a reward when you get there. Also, I recommend the pool bar in Perissa. Check it out! Thanks Jason. Dig the articles. John & Sandy — Australia

  • Roger J September 30, 2009, 4:34 pm

    Hi Jason i agree with John W a great blog and personal guide to Santorini.My Wife and i have visited ‘several times’ and especialy enjoy our trips to the “Wave Bar”, and remember when you are driving along that unique road that nature did start building it in 1500 BC. Glad you enjoyed the expierience it sound’s to me that you owe those ‘Brits’ a “Mythos” for sharing that secret with you ! Keep up the good work on this guide i for one will be checking it out in the future. All the best Roger, England

  • Jason September 28, 2010, 5:58 am

    Thanks, Roger. You’re right — nature did start building the path to the Wave Bar many thousands of years ago.

    As you know, that same road has had many improvements this year, making it even easier to get to this secret and somewhat private Santorini beach.

    I’m eager to read your thoughts on the “new” road improvements…


  • Roger J October 6, 2010, 10:05 am

    Hi Jason glad to see you are still enjoying this ‘secret’ beach and bar. Ok the new ‘refurbished’ road does give slightly better access for those who choose to visit via the 2 wheeled option, but i personally hope this is as good as it gets. After all if it had an Asphalt road and clear signage it would by definition, not be a ‘Secret beach and bar’. Therefore let it be that if people want to enjoy this “Secret” visit http://www.santorinigreeceguide.com and enjoy the “Secrets” described by Jason on this site. Better still visit Santorini and enjoy finding some more “Secrets” which we can share.
    PS. Love the modifications, updates and additions to the site. Keep up the good work and keep visiting.


  • Hayley Ward March 31, 2011, 3:36 am


    this is very helpful as i am looking to get married next year at the theros wave bar. I have never been to Santorini before but am looking for a laid back gorgeous surroundings area for our wedding but i cannot find much information on the bar or any reviews.