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3 Great Party Bars In Fira – Santorini Nightlife

2 Brothers Bar In Fira SantoriniIf you’re looking for the best bars in Santorini and the most active nightlife scene, Fira is the place to be. While the other parts of the island tend to be low-key for nightlife, Fira stays up late and parties into the wee morning hours. Here are 3 of my all-time favorite party bars in Fira…

Bar #1 – The Highlander

The Highlander calls itself a Scottish Bar but don’t be expecting bagpipes and kilts. The only thing remarkably “Scottish” about the place is its logo and branding (and the half-Greek half-Scottish bartenders). Everything else is completely open for your interpretation! The music will range from typical mainstream pop and rock to trance & dance party beats. The bar layout is very typical of most bars in Fira with a primary bar for seating (be sure to note the “Only Girls On The Bar Sign” just behind the bar) and there’s also an elevated area just behind the bar for dancing, mingling, and a very focused Santorini DJ. Like most bars in Fira, it’s pretty small and can get packed very quickly on busy nights. The Highlander has a good beer selection (for Santorini) and some tasty drinks — I highly recommend their Jägerbomb even if you don’t usually like Jägermeister. 🙂

The Highlander Bar In Fira Santorini

The Highlander Bar is my personal favorite in Santorini.

Bar #2 – Two Brothers

(see pic at top of this post)
2 Brothers bar is located just near The Highlander in Fira. This bar is almost always packed and features more of a party-dance scene than The Highlander. The bartenders at Two Brothers do an excellent job of keeping the vibe wild and upbeat. They’re constantly dancing and dishing out drinks at a high-pace. If your Fira party night is starting to drag a little, this is a great place to go. The Two Brothers bar is about the same size as Highlander with lots of seating and a little standing room around the bar. They also have an upstairs chill out area with a few places to sit and hang out. Ask for a “head shot” and the bartenders will give you a quick shot AND a helmet to take a hit across the head. Yes, seriously.

Bar #3 – Town Club

Town Club is another great place for speeding up your party night. This, obviously, is more of a club scene but I’m mentioning it here because they offer a lot more space and a really cool “back area” for relaxing and hanging out with new friends. If you want to party late into the night in Fira, check out Town Club for some good drinks.

The Town Club In Fira, Santorini

Santorini Bar Hours

Most bars will adjust their closing times based on the life of the party. Generally bars will close sometime between 2:30am and 3:30am. In the high season (July and August especially) bars and clubs usually stay open later. Clubs are often open until 5:00 or 6:00am so you can easily watch the sunrise if you plan your festivities right.

Honorable Mentions

So these are my 3 personal favorite bars in Fira, but there are a few other places I also want to be sure to mention here:

Koo Club
Easily the most popular club in Santorini, Koo is for the dance-party types. Prepare for a constantly packed crowd but a fun international scene.

Murphy’s Bar
Some people love Murphys, and some people hate it. I’ve read some pretty bad reviews about Murphys on Tripadvisor (mostly about the prices) but these are all overstated and exaggerated. Give it a try if you want a nice bar scene with more seating areas.

Enigma Club
This is full-on Santorini dancing at its finest. Enigma has been around since the late 1970s and offers a really cool interior. Check this one out for sure!

What about you? What are your favorite bars in Fira? Leave your comment below.

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